Privacy Policy for Notre Maison and Notre Grange

Last updated 11th June 2018

  1. Who is responsible for managing my information?
    This is the Privacy Policy of Chez-Amis. This website, is owned by us.  We are responsible for the collection and proper management of any personal information you submit. We will keep your personal details secure and use the information you provide consistently with applicable privacy and data protection laws and the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  2. What information do we collect?
    If you choose to make a booking with us we will collect details that you provide in relation to that booking. Information held is likely to include your name, contact details, payment details, information about people travelling with you, information about your booking and any additional information we may need to help meet your specific travel requirements. If you choose to book Notre Grange through other agencies, AirBnB, Brittany Ferries, Home and Away or Holiday lettings we will only collect details essential to the booking which are passed on by them such as your name and contact details.
  3. How do we use your information?
    The information you provide will only be used as follows: to enable us to complete your booking and to help us to provide details or information you may have requested.
  4. Who will you share my information with?
    We do not intend to share your details with anyone else.
    Other parties will share your details with us as needed to fulfil travel plans.  These may include AirBnB, Brittany Ferries, Home and Away or Holiday lettings.
  5. How do you manage my information?
    The information will be kept on a secure private computer which is protected by up to date antivirus software.
  6. How long will we hold your information for?
    We will only keep your information only as long as necessary to meet your travel requirements. 
  7. How can you access and update your information?
    You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information, please email or write to us at the address on our website.

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